Dr Buzby's ToeGrips 防滑趾甲套

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Dr Buzby's ToeGrips 防滑趾甲套


Designed for senior, arthritic, and special needs dogs, Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips are the only product on the market that use dogs’ natural bio-mechanics—enabling traction through their toenails.
ToeGrips provide instant traction and confidence for dogs who struggle on hard-surface floors and stairs—such as hardwood, tile, linoleum, marble, etc.
With this unique patent-pending approach, here’s how ToeGrips work to help senior, arthritic, and special needs dogs who struggle on slippery surfaces:
•    Improved mobility and stability
•    Increased confidence
•    Reduced risk of slip-and-fall injuries
•    Plus, you no longer have to consider covering your whole house in mats and runners. Throw rugs are gone with ToeGrips!

Help Your Dog Get a Doggone Grip!
Does your dog slip, slide, and struggle to rise on hard floors and stairs? Follow these steps to help your dog get a doggone grip!
1. Be sure ToeGrips are right for your dog.
ToeGrips were designed for senior, rehabilitating, and special needs dogs. Dogs that scuff/drag their paws may require affixing the ToeGrips onto the nails using super glue.
ToeGrips are not intended for healthy, active dogs.
2. Select the right size.
Measuring your dog’s nails is recommended for correct sizing. Improperly sized, ToeGrips may fail to help your dog, ride up the nail, or quickly fall off.
To view our Breed Size Chart, click here.
To view our Measuring Instructions, click here.
3. Apply to create the GripZone.
Illustrated instructions are printed inside each package. Please keep in mind that ToeGrips must create the GripZone to enable traction. Correct placement is critical for success.
4. Monitor daily.
If neglected, ToeGrips can migrate up the nail into the skin and cause harm. Please inspect your dog’s ToeGrips and toes daily to ensure proper positioning.
5. Removing ToeGrips.
ToeGrips will wear and eventually need to be replaced. On average, ToeGrips last 1-3 months. Your dog’s size, gait, and environment will determine how long they last.
ToeGrips should be removed at least monthly to inspect their condition and wear. Before replacing/reapplying the ToeGrips, your dog’s nails should also be inspected and may be trimmed.


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