Dechra TrizEDTA 洗耳水 - 4 oz

品牌︰ Dechra
型號︰ TrizEDTA-ear
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研究證明,TrizEDTA 洗耳水對貓狗耳道痼疾治療有最佳效果,獨特的鹼性配方(不含酒精成分)與抗生素搭配具有協同效果,能增強抗生素殺死細菌的效果。最適合用來治療細菌性耳炎。

成分:TrizEDTA〈tromethamine USP、disodium EDTA dihydrate〉


TrizEDTA™ is a gentle, non-alcohol containing, alkaline based ear/skin flush and cleanser with antibacterial activities. This flush has bactericidal properties, works synergistically with antibiotics to increase the susceptibility of bacteria and can be used as a preventative or maintenance therapy. Compatible with the addition of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory products. This is a multi cleanse solution for use with dogs and cats to help flush their ears - either for general health or to prepare for medication. If using TrizEDTA Aqueous Flush with ear medication, you should use a half hour before you apply the medication. Please read the included instructions carefully for more information on how to use this product correctly. It couldn't be easier to use, as everything is already mixed and it's ready to use out of the bottle. Safe and effective, TrizEDTA Aqueous Flush can get the job done quickly, safely and easily. Your pet's hearing is important, which is why this product is available - to help make sure your pet keeps their hearing. Even if your dog or cat isn't suffering from ear problems anymore, this flush can help you make sure they don't have recurring problems by keeping their ears clean and sanitized. Gentle yet effective, this flush can help protect your pet. TrizEDTA Aqueous Flush Multicleanse solution For use with dogs and cats Helps with breakdown of inflammatory discharge in ears Ready-to-use out of the bottle Preservative free If you are looking for a quick and easy way to flush your pet's ears - whether for health reasons or to prepare for application of medicine - TrizEDTA Aqueous Flush can really help make it easier. It can even help with breakdown of harmful discharge from your pet's ear as they get healthy again. Overall, this is a wonderful way to help keep your pet's ears clean without a hassle.


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