KarmaWrap 寵物舒壓背心

品牌︰ Petlife UK
型號︰ 051KARG300
庫存︰ 有庫存
HKD $280
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KarmaWrap 寵物舒壓背心

實踐證明,Petlife KarmaWrap 寵物舒壓背心通過對狗狗上肢施加舒適、柔和的壓力,令大多數狗狗在以下環境,壓力顯著減少

♥ 噪音煩擾
♥ 舟車勞頓
♥ 天各一方而相思
♥ 煙火轟鳴與電閃雷鳴
♥ 持續或不合群地吠叫
♥ 應激反應
♥ 神經緊張
♥ 行走時不停向前衝而扯緊狗帶

Choose KarmaWrap because…
♥ Simple to fit and easy to adjust
♥ Lightweight breathable 
♥ Water resistant, antibacterial and machine washable at 40 degrees
♥ Made in Great Britain
♥ 100% satisfaction guarantee

KarmaWrap is available in different sizes to suit the variation of size within each individual breed. To ensure correct size for your dog, measure completely around the chest, just behind the front legs.


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