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Many pets have problems with excessive tear secretions and eye discharge that cause tear stains around eyes.

Not only about pet’s appearance concern but  might also be a sign of potential health problem

Herbal supplementation is Gental and Safe for pets and suitable for long-term use.


  • For animal with tear stains/ excessive tear secretions/poor eyesight/ hard to use eye drops

Ingredients : The herbals that show benefits to balance liver and kidney function for eye health : wolfberry、Ginseng Radix、Poria coco、Chrysanthemum morifolium、Chinese Yam、Lilyturf Tuber、Rehmannia

Product size: 30g powder/bottle, 60 capsules/box

Direction for use:  two spoons or two capsules for 5 kg, twice daily or use under veterinarian’s instructions

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