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About Us

Pet Elements - Your Intimate Pet Service Partner


Welcome to Pet Elements.

The Company was found in 2010, our services include online pet shop, retailing, pet grooming, professional veterinary services, pet boarding, adoption, free pet health advice and animal cremation.


Our Philosophy and Vision - the Five Pillars


There is Neither Lowliness nor Nobleness in Life  ·  Adoption instead of Buying

We object the sale of animals and hope that the public can understand the harsh and cruel situation in today’s inhumane breeding farms. We hope to encourage people to adopt rather to buy animals.


A Greater Concept of Pet Ownership

Having a pet is more than merely providing the animal with food and space. We hope that “Pet Elements” will serve as an information exchange center where knowledge and in depth information about pets' welfare, health issues, grooming tips and training tips could be shared and spread in variety of ways.


Promote Better Ideas of Pet Raising  ·  Enable Enjoy Each Other's Company

To raise a pet not just providing it with food and shelter, and we wish to establish Pet Elements as a starting point to educate people, share knowledge, and communicate our core values, helping people to treat pets as a family member, and to live harmonious with its owner in order to stop abandonment from happening.


Promote Friendly and Harmonious Human-Animal Relationship  ·  Learn More  ·  Avoiding Conflicts

These include the friendly and harmonious relationships between pet and owner, human and stray dogs and cats, and human and all kinds of animals.


Support Local Animal Charity Groups and Help Stray Animals

We have different ways to put this philosophy to work in reality, including neutered plans for stray dogs and cats, customer consumption donation, adoption, charity events and seminars, and so on.


Educate the Younger Generation to Love Animals and Respect Life

We believe that education is the first step to help people to love animals. We encourage young people to love and care about animals, and try to live harmoniously with them, and would eventually agree with our concept of “Stop Killing and Breeding”. 



Pet Elements Your Intimate Pet Service Partner:

Animal Hospital. Pet Products Store. Online Shop. Grooming & Spa. Boarding Service.  Adoption Center. Pet Cremation.

August 2016