Injecting Vaccine

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About Hong Kong laws

• Rabies vaccination and licensing required
Hong Kong law requires dogs five months or older to be licensed, having microchip implanted and vaccinated against rabies. Dog license and rabies vaccine is valid for three years, after its expiry, a new one has to be replaced. (Micro-chip is permanent but it may shift with the dog's activity and even seems to have disappeared, so we should carry out regular checks to ensure that the microchip implantation is still in). The department of agriculture, fisheries and conservation will not remind you to renew your dog's. If your contact details or address change, you must notify the Department of agriculture, fisheries and conservation by simply fill in the details to the back of licence and mailing it back. If you fail to promptly notify the department about changes, when your dog cannot be traced your dog may be humanely destroyed.
Please note: Although the law requires dogs to receive rabies vaccination every three years, if you're thinking about bringing dogs to leave Hong Kong, usually the country of destination would require dogs that are leaving to have rabies vaccine 30 days before or within maximum 12 months. Different countries have different requirements.
• Other protective vaccines
The puppy must be vacinated at the 8th, 12th and 16th week, including dog distemper, enteritis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza virus, hepatitis (older puppies just need to receive two vaccinations). If you foster a dog at kennel, the dog will have to accept vaccination to prevent kennel cough. Your dog needs strengthening agent in a year. Most veterinarians encourage annual booster injection, but some veterinarians also think there is no need.
• Intestinal/stomach bug
We recommend that all puppies take deworming medicine every two weeks, at least three times. All puppies are born with intestinal worms in the body, so for your dogs and your own health, you must eliminate intestinal worms. We encourage unscrupulous for dogs on a regular basis, including Heartgard Plus (heartworm prevention) can eliminate the most common worm, except taenia. Please note that unscrupulous drug cannot cure or prevent heartworm.

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